You are planning to have a website and you want an easy hosting. Stop here and call us. Kalovskihost is a one stop hosting and web programming company.  We design for you. But that is not all. We design for the future. We design responsive  websites.  Responsive websites are sites that can adopt with any mobile gadget, be it your iphone, tablet or nook.  Though not every site today is responsive in the next coming years all will be. This is because most of the people will be using mobile gadgets. So it is better to get ahead and migrate or overhaul your site with us. We have the latest stable servers you could imagine. Our servers are located in Houston Texas and runs 24/7 with the latest backbone technology  in place. We host various business applications for your convenience ready to be installed with your choosing. We use the most intuitive interface called Cpanel. We have also a quick install wherein all you have to do is install quickly softwares like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and many more in seconds. We have a line up of video tutorials so it will be easy for you to do it yourself.  We also have the latest mailservers and rest assure it is very easy for you to configure even on your own. You also have your own discretion to set-up your own  of emails as long as you have your domain name.  Lastly, our core competency is this, we are designers and programmers ourselves, we know our business to the smallest technological detail. You will be confident that each small detail task will be addressed.

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 1399771691_file_addWe have a list of  Software application that you can install for free in our hosting site. These are open source applications.  Popular installations here in Kalovskihost include WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Moodle and many more. Please visit and check the links. Click here
1399771772_computerWe use the latest Cpanel in our servers. But for those not familiar with it we can assist you online if you have some questions. We also maintain Cpanels on your behalf for a monthly fee depending on the size of applications and data managed. We have the latest plugins of our applications. Our servers are fast and secured. We also maintain website for a fee as well as added work such as logo making and customization of CMS. For more question please click here.  
1399771711_user_addWe provide technical support for setting up your CMS and will be free for the first three pages. For the remaining pages the fee is $25 per 30 minutes. 
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