Kalovskihost is a company that was started to do hosting for start-up companies for less expensive cost. Through time  as our the client base increased with requirement getting sophisticated with various applications, the company decided to acquire bigger space in the internet with bigger and faster servers. It now host one of the popular car technology companies such as Autotalky.com and many more start up companies.
To this day, Kalovskihost has opened a new platform to keep true to its mission to be a one stop shop by offering DNS registry. Our interest are varied as our teams comes from various tech backgrounds. We offer services fit our client needs with integrity and efficiency.  We strive to innovate and give the latest technology at hand for our clients needs.

The things we do best

Awesome support

Because we teach you and tricks to easily develop nice websites

user happiness

Our platform is so easy to use

Save the moment

You have the a beautiful and functional website

Total connect

Your website can be accessed any hardware platform